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Adventures in family-building

February 24, 2009


Internet Random Image, not a real Random.
My sister Cindy joined Facebook. Cathy was already on. Anybody reading this?

Poor Simon is a little under the weather. He coughs and wakes himself up. He was actually cranky tonight, which is so unlike him. I feel bad for him.

Trevor was cranky because he has a school project to work on. He has to have 10 questions to ask a police officer. I think he would prefer to have a root canal than come up with 10 questions.
I told him, "Ask him why the officer asked me to step outside my front door before questioning me?"

Oh Yes. Trevor had Scouting for Food last week. He put yellow bags on people's doors. Then on Saturday he was supposed to pick up the cans of food folks left out. Well, he went out of town with the Grandparents and I picked them up. Our ever vigilant community watch called the cops on me. The cop was very pleasant and it was easily explained.. and I did not die of a heart attack.

Camille is at the Grandparents house tonight. Of our three kids, she is the happiest and she is not even here.

I am starting another blog full of stuff I want to write that maybe, just maybe someone else will read. It will not be family oriented, I will point coworkers to it. It looks a little rough, but I will post something there tonight.


Trevor keeps on truckin. His soccer team folded. :-(. So, now he is enrolled in Tae Kwon Do at the rec center for next month. We will see how he likes it. He won a trophy for pinewood derby this year. That was fun. He had the fastest run of the day, but his car slowed down so he did not win the overall. Gotta figure that out. He played hookie on Friday so he could go to Arkansas with his grandparents to see his cousins. Yesterday he cranked through his homework and Fridays classwork quickly and went out to sell quartz he found in Arkansas. The sale did NOT go well. Last of all, he is bummed that he cannot have a Facebook page. You have to be 13. Collective sigh from parents. Whew. Posted by Picasa

February 14, 2009

Slimey J

Here is Slimy J as Simon is frequently called enjoyed his sweet potato. However, eating was not real high on his list. Paul and Andrea are now on Facebook. I will try to update the blog, but Facebook is getting all of Andrea's time.
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