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October 11, 2009

2 Days Left - Made in USA

One of my co-workers asked us to look for something made in USA and sold in Taiwan. My contribution was Aquafresh.
Today I planned to lay low. The weather was not better as it was supposed to be. However, I decided to just run in to Taipei for a couple of errands to get souveniors. 7 hours later, I got back to the room. Mass transit just takes a long time. My train out of Taipei was a really old one. It had no signage telling you what stop is coming. I had become used to getting a nice heads up. I was OK and found my stop.
I am sore from my hike yesterday. I was hoping for a massage in the hotel, but they are not available today.
I did not want to make a big production out of dinner. I went to the Jalapeno. It is a mexican themed restaurant right next to the hotel. It is really not that good. I will not be back. I did get more cheese than I have seen in weeks on my plate.
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