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October 9, 2009

4 Days Left

This is a picture of the HighSpeed Rail Train.
It is really really cool. I may ride it again today as my travel theme.
Yesterday was a day so bad I had to laugh at it. We had 6 hours of tool time. I got back 30 minutes late from a lunch our hosts took us on. I found the engineer with floor tiles pulled up looking for a very small part which fell through the floor. In a fab, the entire floor is a giant return air vent. That was just the first setback. We ended up getting 2 hours of work in the 6 hours.
The day was perfectly summarized when I ate the last Dove chocolate out of the bag Andrea gave me for the trip. The saying inside was "Go ahead, have another"
I was late leaving work, I am the only one at my hotel, I got bad sleep Thursday night and the ATM rejected my card and I was low on cash. Solution? Dinner in the hotel lounge. I actually got a cheeseburger. My waitress said, "Everyone gets a cheesburger". It was pleasant, I had a second floor window seat in a couch with live piano coming from downstairs. And it was easy no taxi to take and I charged it to my room.
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