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October 16, 2009

Jet Lag Part 2

My jet lag is OK, I guess.
Thursday I had a long overdue Cub Scout activity to do. I need to book campsites for the pack for Fall and Spring campouts. After several unproductive phone calls. Irritability from jet lag showed through.
I was really sleepy about noon, even though I had gotten good sleep.
I did do better on Thursday evening staying awake until bed time.
Friday morning I woke at 3:30am too late to take anything, so I stayed up. Frankly, waking at 3:30 happens occasionally anyway.

October 15, 2009

Jet lag part 1

While I was on layover in Tokyo. Did I mention it was 4 hours? I surfed jet lag at the airport. I also took a shower at the airport. I highly recommend the shower. Even though I had only had one 4 hour flight, I had been up for 10 hours and it helped. It was hard to put my socks back on while still steamy.

I set my watch to Dallas time. Rats. My layover sounds worse when you consider it is midnight to 4 AM Dallas time. I stopped drinking either alcohol or caffeine and drank lots of water. When I got on the plane I took Tylenol PM, put in earplugs and put on a sleep mask. I only stayed asleep for a couple of hours. When I woke at 7AM Dallas time, I had missed a meal service, I had a cup of coffee in the back of the plane and had a protein bar I had brought. From then on I was on Dallas time. That is I was reading and watching movies in a dark plane where everyone was a sleep. It was really hard to stay awake towards the end.

When I got home we all went outside for some sunlight. The whole evening I was a state where if I wasn't doing something active I would sort of fade out. I stayed up until 9:30PM Dallas time.
I fell asleep immediately.

2AM I woke refreshed like I had taken a nap until 4PM, which I had, in a way. I took a sleeping pill and surfed for 45minutes. I went back to sleep until the alarm went off at 6:30AM and here I am. According to my Tokyo surfing, the worst should be over. We will see.

October 14, 2009

I am home!

I am so happy to be home. Camille ran to me. Trevor hugged me and took my luggage. Simon giggled at me then sucked his thumb as I carried him. (so he was not so sure). Wife brought me cookies and a cold beer. I brought 'Wana Wana Pocky' for everyone.

I am sleepy, but will stay up till bed. I did get a couple hours sleep from Tokyo to Dallas. I need to go see if my souveniers made it.

October 13, 2009

In Japan for a couple of hours

Gee, once again, it's an airport.
We did fly over 6 count 'em 6 golf courses on the way in. That is a lot. Well off to find some grub.

0 Days Left - I gotta go

Stock Photo from Dallas. I will be on a JAL flight to Tokyo then switch to American for the long flight to Dallas. I am just glad I am not going through LA.

I started packing last night at 11:30PM. I took one last stroll through the night market a block from my hotel. For a Tuesday night, it was rocking. Still did not see anyone eating snake but the shop was open. I was going to post after I got done packing and then I realized that I packed my network cable. So, here I am at the airport using the wireless. I packed everything into the big suitcase. Please handle it gently! I asked the check in lady what the weight limit was. She said 23kg. I put it on the scale and it was 22.9kg. :-)

I only slept about 4 hours last night. It is all part of my anti-jetlag plan. Nah, just kidding, I was too excited to go home. After 22 days I am comfortable in Taiwan. Just one thing. I miss my family every day. I will be home soon.
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