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October 12, 2009

1 Day Left - It was a long one

The photo for the day is one of the ones from Sun Moon Lake. It did not fit in the original post. There is this wonderfull boardwalk that runs around the lake. I walked it for 3km before realizing that if I wanted to climb a mountain before dark, I had better get after it. My legs are still sore from that climb.

Today was a 13 hour day at work. I guess it ended well, I will know tomorrow afternoon. I got room service for the first time. I got to the hotel at 10PM. Most restraunts only go to about 9:30PM.

At lunch I ate in the free food line. The main dish was the usual noodles, with some ground meat, a pork meatball and some 1 inch thick tofu pieces. Not bad. I also got a side plate with a cold meat and veggies. The cold meat had a sauce on it and I had a small piece. A few minutes later I tossed a big piece in my mouth and chewed. Yuck. I asked my neighbor if it was liver. He enthusiastically agreed. "Yes, Liver!"

I don't know why this is but it happened in Malaysia too. I have gotten so used to the cab drive home that I sort of tune it out. So, tonight we were at a stoplight and I guess someone else broke down. Two guys walked across and in front of the taxi over to the passenger side and wanted the driver to talk to them. He waved them off. A couple of lights later my driver had to stop and wait to turn left, once traffic cleared he just sat there for 30 seconds and let the light turn red. That is not how you drive here. Overall, he was a cautious driver, the first cautious taxi driver I have had. I hope that was my one wierd taxi ride for the trip.

Tomorrow is my last day at work in Taiwan. Yee Haw.
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