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October 10, 2009

3 Days Left Part 1 - Travel to Sun Moon

Today was my adventure travel day. Everyone either worked or went to Taipei. I have been twice and I needed to do something different. I was a little nervous going alone being that I know people who had a hard time returning once they got to a rural Taiwan destination because they could not communicate.
I emailed the wife as my version of tweets. Follow my travel timeline.
10:52 AM I am striking out on my own. I will take high speed rail and busses to sun moon lake if possible
I got a late start in part because my travel planning started after breakfast when I checked the weather and looked for a region that was raining less, something touristy in there, then how the heck to get there. I chose Sun Moon Lake.
New scenery... by Train going South.... Rice fields and housing.

12:40 I made it to Taichung waiting bus

1PM Made it onto correct bus to sun moon! Woohoo
The electronic board did not match the actual busses. Some helpful chap that knew English helped me figure out the actual time. Pictures from the bus to Sun Moon Lake. More rice growing with complicated terracing and water control.

It is a pretty amazing highway going into the mountains.
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