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October 10, 2009

3 Days Left Part 3 - There and back again

To properly get this three part post. Start at part one and read top to bottom.
5:35 "Climbed almost to top of mountainIts now raining and I still need a bus back to train" Nothing like climbing a mountain in 100% humidity. I might be overly dramatic in this picture. GPS confirmed I was real close to top of mountain. However it gets dark early here. I turned around and went back down. It was dark within 10 minutes of me getting off the mountain. Oh, and the last bus out is 7:30PM in a packed tourist town. Today is Taiwan Independence Day. Sleeping on a park bench seems a possibility.

6:24 Wow got lucky. Got down mountain at dark. Bus came within minutes of me figuring it out. They are hourly and it is a holiday so traffic has them off schedule. Hard part is over I think

I made my way back to the tourist office which was still open, thank goodness. They rounded up an English speaker who got me in the right bus line. The bus showed up minutes later even though it was off schedule. Lucky. The hour and a half bus ride with the air blowing on me, water and my second protein bar refueled me. My schedule did not leave time for lunch or dinner.

8:45 PM Now on High Speed Rail Saw 293kph on the screen
Ahh, After a long day of train rides, bus rides, walking and mountain climbing I am ready for a Taiwan beer on the high speed rail. 293kph is 180mph.

Bye bye trusty steed. Just a taxi ride away from the Kuva Chateau.
9:25PM Back at hotel. Really need a shower!
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