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Adventures in family-building

October 28, 2008

Important Update!!!!!

Not really. That was just to get your attention. Actually, there is nothing exciting to report around here. Just life as usual. However, I have been chastized for the lack of updates so OK, here you go. A glimpse into our lives:

When mom is cooking, and distracted by a toddler incessantly asking the same question, she cleary doesn't pay attention to what is going on just a few feet away from her (notice that Simon seems unfazed by what happens to him):

Simon sleeping on Trevor. HOW can that be comfortable?!?

Simon has learned to sit up! Well not really, but he has learned to be still for 3 seconds after I prop him up with the Boppy. Then he fell over:

We went to the State Fair of Texas. For eight and a half hours! With three kids! Including a nursing 3-month-old! It was actually a lot of fun. Camille got to play at the pretend farm:

Trevor and Camille rode a ride together:

Of all people, we ran into our friends Kalen, Michael, and Greta. See post in September re: "It's hard to get a good picture of two two-year-olds":

Paul and I enjoyed some delicious Chicken Fried Bacon, dipped in ranch dressing. Yes, you read that right. It won first prize this year as best new Fair food. We also had fried jellybeans, fried s'mores, fried cheesecake, fried potatoes, fried corny dogs, fried olive bites, funnel cake, nachos, cotton candy, and fruit.

Trevor and Paul checked out the car show. And just like an irresponsible adult, Trevor yakked on the cell phone whislt driving:

I know this post is media heavy, but that's really what everyone wants, isn't it? I'll throw a little bit of text in down here for those of you that want to read it after looking at the pictures of our cute kids.

Trevor is doing very well in school. He got his first report card, ever (our school district doesn't send out report cards until 3rd grade), and he got straight A's. He also was tested for proficiency in several areas and scored in the 4th and 5th grade range in everything. Smart kid. He is currently involved in soccer and Cub Scouts. He will be 9 in a month.

Camille is enjoying both her two-day-a-week school and the ballet class she is taking. She will have an actual recital, with costumes, in December. You can bet you will be seeing pictures of that! Probably video too. Camille will be 3 next month.

Simon is growing by leaps and bounds. He's probably double his birth weight by now. He smiles, laughs, follows you with his eyes, and sleeps a good 7 to 9 hour stretch at night most of the time. He's thinking about rolling over. He is 3.5 months old now.

Paul and Andrea are overworked, exhausted, broke, and old. And mostly loving it. I wish we could enjoy the kids without feeling overworked, exhausted, broke, and old, but it all seems to go hand-in-hand. Paul and Andrea are post-40.

Peace out.

October 16, 2008

Proof of Simon

As I posted the, I realized Simon was absent from the blog. Well he is back, cuter than ever. He smiles and coos. His latest advance is figuring out that he has at least some control over these 'arms' that he has. Last night I was watching the debate with him and asked him who he would vote for. Simon sort of pointed to McCain. Maverick.

October 15, 2008

Underwear is fun to wear

Dad is catching up on the depressing financial news and the kids provide some perspective.