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January 14, 2009

Prison Food

Andrea and I came back from the holidays and decided we were temporarily broke. Andrea has cooked at home 10 nights in a row all the while buying as little new food as possible. Nearly all the meals were the delicious interesting and totally new dishes that I have come to expect from my dear wife.

Then, tonight, there was prison food.

She has been talking about it for a while. All three are back of the freezer items. Several month old chicken and dumplings that we already knew were not quite right after freezing. Hash browns which did not turn brown. And a half bag of green peas. It really wasn't that bad, but it did not look very good.
Here is the refridgerator now.

Here is what happens when you mix an engineer, a bank statement and Excel
I start the month with 100% of my money. I end on the 14th with 1.2% of that.
Dad I will send you a check tomorrow. Thanks for being patient.

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