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Adventures in family-building

November 23, 2008

Camille's third birthday

The best part of Camille's birthday was at home with three candles.

Earlier in the afternoon, the big girl got to help mommy make the cake.
Camille (and Trevor) really like the cash register. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Lakeland.
Camille also got a tricycle. Of course, some assembly was required %@#&!

November 13, 2008


It appears we have a thumb-sucker on our hands! This is a first for our family. I have desperately tried to get Simon to take a pacifier. His brother took one for a long time, and it made him so happy. His sister used neither the thumb nor the pacifier. What does she use to comfort herself, you ask? Crying. Don't ask. Anyway, Simon has adamantly refused the pacifier, but has discovered his thumb. I never thought thumb-sucking could be so sweet and precious!


today's nap:

thumb-sucking on the living room floor...

...leads to this:

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November 12, 2008

Picasa test

(I am testing posting pics directly from Picasa; forgive me for the lame content)

Farmer Paul heads out to bale some hay:

Farmer Camille DOES NOT APPROVE:

Halloween Cuties:
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November 1, 2008