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Adventures in family-building

April 5, 2009

Dad gets a new camera!

I realize the blog is turning into 3 picture photo essays of the children. But hey, that is not so bad. This time I am showing off the first pictures out of my "new to me" camera. I have entered the world of the DSLR. It is an entry level Nikon. I already have plans to add a lens to the two that came with it. Look for more in the future.
Trevor will start playing piano next week. He has really found another gear in being a good kid. Not suprisingly, at school, he passed his Texas standardized test which starts in the third grade.

Simon has been reluctant to eat solid food. With seven teeth, it is about time he started eating. Here he has just finished an entire cup of apple sauce, the most solid food at one sitting yet.

Camille is terribly cute and she loves the camera. This is one of the first shots I took with the new camera and it is exactly what I was wanting when I bought it.