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Adventures in family-building

April 29, 2006

The First Post.

Here is the first post of our family blog. That was the first sentence. This is the first moment that I'm afraid I'll bore everyone to tears trying to write a blog. This is the first (of many) times I will have to tell myself to pull myself up by the bootstraps (no boots) (also no straps), and write this blog, because, gosh darn it, people like me! They really like me! I mean they like us! Oh fine. I know what you want. You are reading this blog for the sole purpose of seeing a picture of our baby from China. Well tough, you will have to slog through my invigorating prose for a few more months weeks before that's available.

I don't know which is siller... this shirt, or the one I had when I was pregnant that said "Tummy Wear". Tummy Wear - Tommy Wear - get it? HA HA HA HA HA!!! I crack myself up.

This is Trevor with his new tip job. Are we liberal parents or what! He's getting his nose pierced next week.

Father and son... both so photogenic.

The grown-ups looking spiffy at a wedding in January.

Come on home to Texas, BabyGogo! Your big brother is waiting for you!