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Adventures in family-building

March 24, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We went camping in Texas. Not beautiful Arkansas. Not even beautiful Texas. Just in Texas.
All had a good time though as seen below.

Simon was able to co-sleep with his Kimo and Luka. They are already spoiling him.

This was a rare sighting of Trevor. He pretty much was only around for meals and sleep. He found new friends with a skate board, built a bridge of tree limbs, and brought home a tick!
Camille ate up the attention of four adults and finally understood the meaning of camping. "Its eating"
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March 17, 2009

Simon is mobile

Simon is our little carpet inspector. He finds and tastes everything. He has started crawling in his own way.

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March 9, 2009

Blue and Gold Banquet for Trevor 2009 and the week before

Simon Says "I'm ready to go dad"
Trevor receiving his Bear badge
Camille says "Catch me daddy! Catch me!"

Other updates. Last week was a heck of a week.
Last Wednesday night Andrea was ILL.
Last Thursday I was put on the spot by the big big big boss of my group. He asked me what I thought and I laid it out for him. Either he saw it as great sharing or he has labeled me a crank.
Two AM Friday morning Trevor was ILL. Unfortunately, he did not make it to the bathroom.
Friday morning Camille had fever. I stayed home to help Andrea out.
Friday noon I was immobile on the couch with a fever too. Simon never got it.
Friday evening I made a flower arrangement for a baby shower, still with a fever.
Saturday morning I cleaned carpets
Saturday afternoon Andrea and I did a budget. First ever. LOADS of fun.
Sunday afternoon Andrea tried to understand how it was the final day for Trevor to have his Cub Scout achievements done and collectively we had not figured it out until then.
Sunday afternoon Trevor and I did his school report. LOADS of fun.
Sunday evening Trevor and I slammed through many Cub Scout achievements including whittling a bar of soap into the shape of a T at 9PM.
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March 1, 2009

Simon's Photos - Dad Tried Hard

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